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2018 ISCAID Symposium

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The 2018 ISCAID symposium was held in Portland, Oregon (USA) from September 30 to October 3, 2018.

ISCAID once again joined forces with the International Feline Retrovirus Research Symposium (IFRRS) for our 5th biennial symposium. Being held at the Embassy Suites Downtown Portland, nestled along the Columbia River, this event to delivered cutting edge research presentations, renowned keynote speakers and plenty of opportunity to meet and reconnect with fellow veterinarians interested in infectious diseases.

Conference highlights included:

  • Keynote presentations by Paul Duprex (Boston University, Massachusetts), Colin Parrish (Cornell University, New York), and John Perfect (Duke University, North Carolina).
  • A clinician’s day with world-renowned clinician scientists addressing clinical dilemmas and updates on infectious disease testing and treatment.
  • The symposium dinner, was held at Southpark Seafood on Tuesday, October 2.
  • RACE aproved for up to 20.5 continuing education units per veterinarian.

We thank our sponsors for making this and other ISCAID activities possible.

Symposium details

Who won the IDEXX-ISCAID student awards for research in companion animal infectious disease?


Congratulations to the winners of the IDEXX/ISCAID award for the best student research abstract/poster on infectious diseases of companion animals:  Yasmin Parr and Tiffany Tse! In addition to this recognition, each awardee received $500 thanks to the generous sponsorship of IDEXX.Yasmin Parr, a PhD student at the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research presented her work entitled ‘Investigating the humoral immune response in cats exposed to feline leukaemia virus’.

Tiffany Tse, an undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis presented her poster entitled ‘Detection of Felis catus gammaherpesvirus1 in DNA in oronasal swabs and tissues from domestic cats.’

Yasmin delivering her award-winning prevention on feline leukemia virus infection. (below)









Tiffany with her award-winning poster about gammaherpesvirus 1 in domestic cats. (below)









2016 ISCAID Symposium 

 The 2016 ISCAID symposium was held on October 16-19, 2016 in amazing Bristol UK. What a great opportunity to catch up on cutting-edge research, establish new research and working networks….and have some fun.  Pictures are posted below.

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Thank you to our Sponsors for making this Symposium possible!

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Thank you to our Sponsors for making this Symposium possible!

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Third ISCAID Symposium: 2014

The 2014 ISCAID symposium was held on October 19-22, 2014 in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. Much fun was had by all! Pictures are posted below.

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We are extremely grateful to the following symposium sponsors for the support of the 2014 ISCAID Symposium.

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